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Stacey Bevill finds her career passion as new owner of Golden Career Strategies

Every career assessment survey Stacey Bevill has taken lists career counselor as the path most compatible with her interests, skills, values and personality.

It would take more than two decades, but Bevill says she now is doing what she was born to do as the new owner of Golden Career Strategies.

Stacey Bevill, owner, Golden Career Strategies

Bevill first crossed paths with legendary GCS founders Myles and Ann Golden when she joined Greenville Downtown Evening Rotary Club as a new business owner almost 20 years ago.

“I built the first Reedy River Duck Derby website for the club and based on that, Ann introduced me to Myles,” Bevill explains. That introduction led to Bevill building a new website for Golden Career Strategies and a 15-year relationship that spanned Golden’s ownership and that of Steve Olsen who purchased the company following Golden’s death in 2017.

“I was fascinated by how well Myles helped people in different ways – networking and meeting people where they were,” Bevill said. “I knew I was born to do that kind of work. The more I experienced life and coaching and counseling, the more I wanted to be a coach and I thought that one day I would be one of Myles’ coach consultants.”

After graduating from college with a bachelors in sociology and a minor in psychology, Bevill’s next step was to earn a master’s in counseling. But when life took a different turn, she established Ask and Receive Inc., a marketing firm specializing in web programming, design, hosting and search engine optimization.

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“I spent most days working alone,” Bevill recalls. “I’m an extrovert so I was energized by helping others and interacting with others. Seeing the results of those (career) assessments was kind of laughable to me because I had spent 20 years doing work that I did well but wasn’t suited for my personality.”

But after the detour years earlier, a career correction occurred late last year when Olsen approached Bevill about buying his company.

Bevill draws from her own career transition experience to teach GCS clients how to find a job and a career that they are passionate about.

“The gift of being in transition is the opportunity to decide what you really want to do with your life and in your work,” Bevill said. “A job search can be isolating, so we offer a team of coaches and consultants to support you.”

With a group of 12 seasoned career coaches and consultants, Golden Career Strategies works with companies on organizational development, onboarding, individual and group coaching, leadership development and training, talent retention, job sculpting, communication and resilience building, employee engagement, and individual and team assessments.

For example, Bevill is the only career coach in South Carolina certified in Focus Energy Balance Indicator (FEBI) Assessment, which identifies the leadership patterns individuals typically use.

“People show up as a driver, organizer, collaborator or visionary,” Bevill explains. “If everyone in the company is a visionary, who’s doing the work?”

GCS also works with individuals from administrative to senior executives, and offers a program called CareerStart™ for those just out of college. GCS coaches specialize in encore careers, entrepreneurship and opportunities for veterans who are transitioning from military to civilian jobs.

For those interested in discussing their career transition efforts with coaches and other job seekers, GCS offers a free roundtable meeting every Monday morning from 9 a.m. until 10 a.m.

“The roundtables are an opportunity for those who are looking for jobs or advice to have a voice and be part of community,” Bevill said. “We hold them on Monday mornings to enable people to get a jump start on the week. When you’re looking for a job, that needs to be your full-time job, so joining the roundtable is a great way to get people inspired.”

Roundtables also give participants the chance for networking and netweaving, Bevill adds. For those who may not know the difference, here are the definitions:

  • Networking is the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions specifically: the cultivation of productive relationships for the benefit of my employment or business.
  • Netweaving is built on the concept of helping others build or add to their network for their benefit. By acting as a connector for others and practicing the law of reciprocity, the process is a win-win-win.

To view upcoming roundtable topics and to register, go HERE.

GCS also offers a one-hour complimentary introduction to the company and its services. Go HERE to choose an appointment type.

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