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Moving Guide

Moving can be a stressful time so here are some tips to keep you calm and on track.

Break it up – Start early and pack in stages. You don’t have to pack the whole house in a week. Start as soon as you can and don’t procrastinate. It will save you stress in the long run.

Get those boxes – Get your packing supplies early. You can buy boxes or try to get them for free. Grocery stores, dollar stores and liquor stores are great places to get free boxes. Ask a manager if they have any boxes or when they may be available.

Pack early – start packing things you don’t use. Put a box in each room for packing and leave it there. Start putting items in it you aren’t using as you pass them. The kitchen is a great place to start because there are a lot of infrequently used items like cookbooks, appliances etc.

Don’t be a hero – There is a lot of things to do before you can move. Ask for help from family and friends.

Hire movers – Check the prices on moving help where you currently live and where you are moving. A few hundred dollars can be worth it. Make sure you get an on-site estimate and get it in writing. Make sure they are insured and their truck has a USDOT number so you don’t get scammed or if your items are damaged – the movers can pay.

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Trash it – Don’t be afraid to throw things away. Why pack up things you never use? A trip to the dump can save you a lot of trouble and it’s possible you could even go down a moving truck size which could save you money.

Get organized – Get a folder or a bag that zips to store all your receipts, estimates and documents.

Checklist – Create a check list of things that need to be done and give yourself deadlines to finish them. This includes things like transferring utilities or turning them off from your old home and turning them on at the new home.

Mail – Request and address change with the post office. They will forward your mail for 120 days, but you will need to contact businesses and organizations like your bank to make sure they have your new address.

Financial – Check to see if your bank has locations in your new town. Some banks won’t have locations everywhere. If you have a safety deposit box schedule yourself a time to clean it out.

Medical Transfers – Find a new doctor, dentist and other medical professionals and arrange for your old doctor to forward your medical records.

Check your car – Make sure your vehicle is road worthy. If you have a long trip to make – have a mechanic check it out to make sure you aren’t going to break down.

Prescriptions – Make sure you get your prescriptions filled and recurring prescriptions transferred to your new pharmacy.

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  1. Eulaine mc says:

    Medical transfers and prescriptions are two things I’ve always wanted to take care of after moving. Perhaps doing it ahead would be wise.

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