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WaveRoom Yoga opens in Spartanburg

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – If you’re looking to improve your mental and physical health in 2023, WaveRoom Yoga is a great option.

“Yoga is for everyone. It is for every body type, every physicality. It is absolutely phenomenal at opening up the body, strengthening the joints, and strengthening the muscles,” Co-Owner Reid Johnson said. “A lot of people just think yoga is stretching, but it’s not. There’s a lot of strength training that goes along in the muscle movements, the asanas that yoga provides us.”

Johnson and Lori Skerjanz opened “Spartanburg’s Original Hot Yoga Studio” back in Nov. 2022. The studio offers premium mat flooring, infrared heating panels, and state of the art lighting and sound.

The studio has 12 instructors and offers 15 classes a week with some workshops added here and there. The classes vary in difficulty and temperature.

“We do offer non-heated classes for those who are not into the hot yoga,” Johnson explained. “We also have what we call ‘warm waves,’ which is about 85 degrees, so that could be a good entry point for someone who has never done hot yoga before. And then we have our tropical-hot classes and our inferno class, and those are 93 [degrees] and above.”

What the some of the benefits of hot yoga?

“Hot yoga stresses the central nervous system in a different way, right? So, good stress is a good thing. Either cold or hot,” Johnson explained. “These stressors help dive into our central nervous system. They improve cardio. They improve our heart and mind. So, depression, all of these ailments we deal with with our daily lives, yoga gives us time to heal in those ways, and hot yoga allows you to dive into it a little bit deeper.”

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How do to get started

WaveRoom offers some classes starting at $10 as well as unlimited monthly packages.

“We have our opening special of $123 unlimited and then we have a two-week trial for $30. So, if you’re thinking about hot yoga and you want to come out, come on out. You can’t lose,” Johnson said. “We also have our regular class at $20 for drop in. We have workshops coming up at the end of the month. We have a restorative workshop then we will have some beginner courses coming in Feb. We have 12 teachers here who all teach at different forms and disciplines of yoga and a lot of experience here at WaveRoom.”

WaveRoom offers special rates for first responders, nurses, students and teachers. To learn more and to book classes, visit waveroomyoga.com.

WaveRoom Yoga is located at 1595 Skylyn Drive in Spartanburg. You can follow WaveRoom on Facebook and Instagram.

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