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Upstate Robotics Team Win at FIRST LEGO League World Competition

UPDATE (4/24/2024) – The Sterling School’s Argent Agents won The Best Robot Design Award at the FLL World’s Championship in Houston!

The FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge (FLL) Robot Design award recognizes a team that uses outstanding programming principles and solid engineering practices to develop a robot that is mechanically sound, durable, efficient, and highly capable of performing challenge missions. This award has one top winner and 5 finalists. This year there were over 160 FLL Challenge teams from all over the world.


ORIGINAL (3/14/24) – GREENVILLE, S.C. – The Sterling School’s Argent Agents, reigning champions of the South Carolina FIRST LEGO League Challenge, are gearing up for a monumental journey to Houston, Texas in April to compete on the world stage. This prestigious competition, organized by the non-profit organization FIRST LEGO League, revolves around robotics, computer programming, and instilling core values of teamwork and community impact.

Coach Chris Arzt proudly shared that despite the team’s relatively short three-year history, they’ve already secured two appearances at the international competition. This year, they’ll be up against 160 teams from across the globe, a testament to their exceptional talent and dedication.

“There are four main parts of LEGO League, and two of the most important are the Robot Game and the Innovation Project,” one of the students explained.

For the Innovation Project, the Argent Agents embarked on an inspiring journey of brainstorming and research, ultimately selecting a magnetic clipboard designed to assist individuals with tremors. Coach Arzt commended their diligence, noting the extensive consultations with Parkinson’s organizations and individuals affected by tremors. The innovative solution not only showcases their commitment to real-world problem-solving but also highlights their proactive approach to community engagement.

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“I’m impressed with them. They’ve committed to really working hard, and they want to do well,” Coach Chris Arzt explained. “They talked with a bunch of people – from Parkinson’s organizations to individual people with tremors – and have done a lot of research. The paint brush seems like something that is useful and has not been done before. It seems like a really good idea.”

In preparation for manufacturing their final product, the team has been in discussions with a manufacturing consultant, laying the groundwork for turning their vision into reality. Their collaborative efforts and innovative mindset promise a bright future for their magnetic clipboard project.


Equally remarkable is the team’s endeavor in designing and constructing their robot for the Robot Game. Through meticulous planning and relentless iteration, they’ve crafted a high-performance robot equipped with sensors and adaptable attachments. These enhancements enable the robot to efficiently tackle diverse tasks within the game’s stringent time constraints, showcasing their technical prowess and ingenuity.

Coach Arzt emphasized how the Robotics and Innovation Projects have transformed the students’ approach to problem-solving, nurturing skills essential for future engineers. Beyond robotics and coding, the students have honed their abilities in critical thinking, collaboration, and effective communication, setting them on a path to success beyond the competition.

If you would like to support the Argent Agents and their innovative art tools for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease, donations can be made at apdaparkinson.donordrive.com.

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