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Top 7 toppings for an Easter pancake brunch

Brunch is a favorite meal in the South where everything from pound cake to smoked salmon qualifies for breakfast or lunch.

As springtime kicks off and as Easter approaches, we asked trained chef Veera Gaul, owner of Oil & Vinegar in Greenville SC, for her thoughts on tasty seasonal brunches.

“Fluffy pancakes with crispy edges and soft centers smothered in golden delicious maple syrup is an American brunch classic but imagine enjoying different flavors of pancakes by using unique, distinct and amazing toppings,” Veera said.

Here are Veera’s Top 7 picks for pancake toppings that go beyond the typical maple syrup:

Classic with a Twist: Runamok Bourbon barrel-aged syrup starts with organic maple syrup aged in recently emptied Bourbon barrels drawing from the essence of Bourbon without the alcohol. Take it to a new level with some bananas and bacon!


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Crunchy: Caramel bacon candied almonds and pecans easily made using The Spice & Tea Exchange seasoning kit, or just the crunch of flavored sugars. Our favorite – Lavender Lemon.

Creamy: Pouring a waterfall of almond butter and honey syrup is always a good idea. Or use peanut butter instead. (Use a quarter cup creamy almond butter and a half cup of honey combined. Microwave for 30 seconds, remove, stir and microwave again till combined). MMMM!

Honey: Top your pancakes with a thick, yummy drizzle of Peach Honey. Serve with sliced nectarines, oranges and strawberries for a really pretty plate!



Sauces: Mini pancakes, stacked with Pistachio crème or Almond crème and topped with salted nuts to match. For an extra treat, drizzle with a little melted white chocolate.



Fruit: Beat some lemon curd and drizzle it over your stack of pancakes, add strawberries and sprinkle with confectioners sugar.




Vinegar: Strawberry Rhubarb vinegar (I know, it sounds crazy, but it’s true!) Kick it up even more with some blood orange oil in the pancakes, and this sweet, tart and thick vinegar. Oh my!!


Veera Gaul is a trained chef whose passion for food led her into the hospitality business, then into higher education at Johnson & Wales University — known for its culinary and hospitality programs. She began at JWU as a graduate student and went on to be a faculty member, vice president of operations for the Providence campus and Provost overseeing all academic programs and faculty.

She left JWU in March of 2013 and moved to Greenville, SC where she and her husband, Joe, own Oil & Vinegar a “culinary gift shop” concept in downtown Greenville that brings together specialty olive oils, vinegars and a wide range of international foods and ceramics in a Mediterranean-style store.

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