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Top 7 tips and tricks for summer cooking and entertaining

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Summertime is the best time for enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables and refreshing treats. Try these Top 7 quick tips and tricks to make your summer cooking and entertaining a little easier.

Chill Out
When serving white wine during the heat of summer, don’t dilute with melting ice, instead add some frozen grapes.

Grill Out
Soak your wooden skewers in water for about 30 minutes. Now they won’t catch fire.

Scoop It Out
With a serrated knife, cut the ends of a cantaloupe. Cut the skin off the cantaloupe with a slight rotation of the knife from top to bottom. Once the skin is removed, cut the cantaloupe down the middle. Take a spoon and scoop the center seeds, then slice the cantaloupe into bite-sized, refreshing treats.

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Shake It Out
Want to know if your eggs are still fresh? Shake them by your ear. If you don’t hear any sloshing, you’re good to go.

Guac Out
Looking for some ripe avocados? Remove the stem and if it’s nice and green underneath, it’s ripe.

Round It Out
Round out your summertime drinks with lemon mint ice cubes. Pour lemon juice in an ice cube tray. Cut up mint and place a few sprigs on top on lemon juice, them top with water. Freeze and you’ll have some tasty ice cubes to throw into your water or sweet tea.

Leave It Out
To get the ripest and most delicious tomatoes, leave them out of the fridge and in a cool dry place until ripe.

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