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Top 7 HVAC tips for pet owners

The following sponsored content is provided by Davis Services, Inc.

Having furry members of the family means having pet hair and dander throughout your home. If you have pets like my family, you should be more mindful of ways to keep your home’s HVAC system working efficiently. Here are our Top 7 tips:

Groom your pets regularly
Regular grooming will reduce shedding, which is great news for your AC air filters. Pet hair can rapidly cover the surface of your filters and clog air ducts.

Change AC air filters often
In addition to the large amounts of hair that dogs and cats shed throughout your home, you also should be concerned about pet dander. Filters clogged with hair, dust and dander block airflow and keep your HVAC system from peak performance. Our rule of thumb is to change your air filter every time you pay your power bill.

Clear air vents
Pet hair and dander can easily clog your home’s air vents, too. When you vacuum, remember to switch to hose mode to remove the hair and dust on and around air vents.

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Check for exposed dangers
Curious dogs and cats can always find something to chew. Keep your pets and your HVAC system safe by enclosing any exposed wires or elements.

Consider an air purifier
An air purifier operating in your home can ease some of the workload on your air filters by removing pet dander from the air before it reaches filters. An air purifier also can help reduce airborne allergens.

Prevent pet door drafts
Part of HVAC system maintenance is pinpointing and repairing air leaks that might be putting a strain on your system. Make sure pet doors are properly caulked to prevent hot or cold air from escaping your home.

Call an HVAC pro for regular maintenance
The best way to protect your HVAC investment is through regular maintenance. Annual maintenance allows your system to work at peak efficiency, experiencing considerably fewer breakdowns and better energy efficiency.

About the Author
Nick Davis is co-owner and marketing director of Spartanburg-based Davis Services, Inc. He grew up in the company, learning the business through jobs in installation, maintenance, home performance and residential sales of conventional and geothermal systems. Nick is pictured above with his beloved George. George passed away this year.

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