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Top 10 red flags for avoiding senior scams

Today is National Senior Citizens Day, the perfect time to introduce Upstate residents to the Savvy Seniors program of the Upstate Better Business Bureau® Education Foundation (BBB® EF).

Since seniors are 47 percent more susceptible to scams than other age groups, losing more than $36 billion each year to financial fraud, BBB established its Savvy Seniors program to arm seniors who live and work in the Upstate with the information they need to protect themselves against personal and financial threats, and teach them how to recognize and avoid these threats. Below are the BBB’s Top 10 Red Flags for Seniors. If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you should report it using the BBB Scam Tracker. The tracker allows users to search for scams that have been reported in their area.

What is the Savvy Seniors program?

This educational and interactive presentation is aimed at coaching active seniors on how to recognize targeted fraud, including grandparent, social security, health care, imposter, romance, identity theft, debt collection and online scams. And, it teaches consumer and financial best practices.

Through the Savvy Seniors program, BBB delivers fraud prevention information to individuals aged 50+ and collaborates with organizations that cater to the needs of this age group. Attendees learn about scams targeting seniors and receive the latest tips and educational materials on how to spot scams and identity theft threats before they become a victim. They also have the opportunity to share personal experiences in a safe environment.

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How can you coordinate a Savvy Seniors presentation for your group?

If you are a church group, assisted living facility, or any organization that works with seniors, contact the BBB to schedule a Savvy Seniors presentation in your community. Call 864-242-6905 or email foundation@upstatesc.bbb.org.

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