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Tips And Tricks On Surviving A Corn Maze With Your Kids

Tips And Tricks On Surviving A Corn Maze With Your Kids

Acres and acres of corn, cut into an intricate maze. Some are “haunted,” some are massive, and some are pretty impressive especially when you see a birds eye view image. Ironically when you’re standing in the middle of it you can’t tell what it is in the shape of, because all you see is corn. Your “Kidding Around Greenville” team members created this list of tips and tricks for surviving a corn maze with your kids.

1.Bring water. Its hot out there.
2.Bring snacks. There’s no telling how long you’ll be in there.
3.Visit the restroom before you enter, whether those kiddos think they need to or not.
4.Don’t forget the sunscreen and hats. Farmers don’t just wear those straw hats because they look good.
5.Grab a map. Cheat if necessary.
6.Don’t cut through the corn!
7.Listen for clues outside the maze to help you figure out where you are.
8.Some larger mazes have markers inside the maze to help you orient yourself.
9.Above all else, don’t lose your children!

1. Denver Downs
1515 Denver Road, Anderson, SC

2. Eliada’s Corn Maze
2 Compton Drive, Asheville, NC

3. Johnson Farms
6510 New Cut Road, Inman, SC

4. Little Cane Creek Farm
2480 North Highway 11, West Union, SC

5. Strawberry Hill U.S.A.
3097 Highway 11 W, Chesnee, SC

6. Stewart Farms
6600 Highway 92, Enoree, SC

7. Grandad’s Apples N’ Such
2951 Chimney Rock Road, Hendersonville, SC


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