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This week’s Sit. Stay. Dray. features Sunday Songwriters Founder Jamison Smith

The Dray Bar & Grill in-home concert series continues tonight with a live performance by Spartanburg singer-songwriter Jamison Smith at 7 p.m.

Dray Bar & Grill launched Sit. Stay. Dray., a livestream event originating from the Spartanburg restaurant, to support Upstate singer-songwriters affected by the closure of restaurants, bars and entertainment venues. The concert series is sponsored by Dray Bar & Grill, Your Carolina with Jack & Megan and Livin’ Upstate.

No stranger to singer-songwriter events, Smith is the founder of Sunday Songwriters, a weekly gathering that became a must stop for local and not-so-local musicians. The event had a 12-year run at Brickhouse Pizzeria & Grill and had found a temporary home at Delaney’s Irish Pub before the coronavirus pandemic. Sunday Songwriters featured artists have included the likes of David Ezell, Angela Easterling, Howl in the Valley, Dave Desmelik, Abbey Elmore and Fayssoux McLean, a former backup singer for Emmylou Harris.

For Smith, Sunday Songwriters is a way to fuel his passion for playing music and writing songs, and to pass along his love of music to his son, Jacks. Click here to listen to original songs by Jamison Smith.

Smith has continued to showcase local musicians by posting links to Upstate area bands from the Sunday Songwriters Facebook page, allowing fans and music lovers to listen and to purchase original music.

“The number of really good songwriters and musicians in the Spartanburg area alone is impressive and a lot of gigs have been lost from all of this,” Smith said recently. “Most of the artists I’m posting have appeared on stage at a Songwriters night. They’ve invested a lot of time, money and energy into a product they believe in and it’s something I’m passionate about, so I hope it helps.”

At Dray Bar & Grill, each Friday brings a date night dinner special for pickup. Music lovers can then head home to enjoy a live performance by local musicians who typically would be playing at area restaurants, bars and live music venues.

Enjoy the Sit. Stay. Dray. livestream on the Dray Bar and Grill Facebook page.

Dray Bar and Grill is located at Drayton Mills Marketplace, 1800 Drayton Rd, Suite 301, Spartanburg, SC 29307, (864) 310-4177.

The Dray is operating with special hours for pickup and delivery: Tuesday-Thursday 11-8; Friday – Saturday 11-9; Sunday – Monday CLOSED.

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