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Things you only hear in the South

Here is a handy primer for some common phrases and words used in the South for those who aren’t from the area.

You will see the Southern word or phrase first followed by the definition.

Mash the button = press the button

Poke Salad = a dish prepared using American Pokeweed

Buggy = shopping cart

Skeeters = mosquitos

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It’s coming up a cloud = a storm is coming

You don’t believe cow horns will hook = unrealistic, doesn’t believe

Kin = member of immediate or extended family

Cut the lights on / off = turn on / off the lights

How’s you mama nem? = How is your mom and family

Crack the winder = open the window

Friday week = Not this Friday – the next one.

Needer = neither

Walla-go = a while ago

No count = not good

Yourn = yours

Rurnt = ruined

Bless their heart = the person being discussed is stupid

Warsh = wash

Over yonder = over there

The devil is beating his wife = raining while the sun is shining

A poke = shopping bag

Maters & taters = tomatoes and potatoes

Drop cord = power extension cable

Church it up = to make something appear better than it is

Younguns = children

Ain’t hit a lick at a snake all day = lazy

Yawnt to? – you want to?

Pocketbook = purse

Commode = toliet

Thongs = Flip-flops

Ya’ll = you all

Pawpaw and Meemaw = grandfather and grandmother

Sit a spell = sit for a while

Toboggan = winter hat

A mess of = a lot of

I swanee = I swear

Fixin = getting ready to do something – or a meal’s side item

Miller = moth

Clothes rack = clothes hanger

The sugar = diabetes

Reckon = to think or suppose

Stoved up = sprained or sore

Nary one = not one

Nanna or Nanner = banana

Spikit = water faucet

Airish = cold

Clodhoppers = large shoes

Directly = in a little while

Shindig = a dance or celebration

Playing possum – playing dead

Smokehouse = shed with dirt floor for curing meat

Sorry = poor quality, worthless or lazy

Wart-taker = one who removes warts by charms or spells

Biggity = vain and overbearing

Bitty bit = small amount

Aim to = plan to do

Do-hicky = substitute name for an object you can’t name

Piddle = wasting time

Falling out – disagreement

Tight = stingy with money

Catawampus = not level, crooked

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