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There is nothing small about these treats at Greenville’s Le Petit Croissant

Le Petit Croissant may be the name, but you can rest your foodie heart knowing that there is nothing small nor petite about the delicacies on the menu at this West End eatery.  Chef Vincent Caradonna is the mastermind and pastry guru behind the decadent croissants and chocolates that are almost too gorgeous to eat.  (His accent will transport you to a European villa.)

Located just down the street from Falls Park, Le Petit is cozy and warm with cases filled with handmade chocolates and treats.  Vincent is a wizard of creative chocolates and pastries and is always looking for a new challenge. (Cue photo of that time he tried to make the world’s largest croissant.)

Jamarcus with Chef Vincent Caradonna

Guests can pick their own creative sweets to build a box or choose from the pre-made selections. You can also just drop in for an espresso and croissant while taking in the beautiful downtown views.

Recently the chef supersized his offerings with savory and sweet croissants that are more meal than the usual side-dish treatment it usually garners.  These croissants are massive and everything that you could ever want in a sandwich (or anything else for that matter). From savory to sweet, no taste bud is left behind with these stuffed croissants. Starting on the savory side, you can grub on The Classic Parisian (ham,  cheese, and lettuce),  The Italian (salami, prosciutto,  Swiss cheese, lettuce, sun dried tomatoes),  The BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato),  The BEC (Bacon, Egg, Cheese,  Provincial ( Roasted Basil Tomato, Bechamel, grilled lemon kale), or  The H (1/4 lb bacon wrapped ham,  sunny side up egg, lettuce tomato.)

For you sweet lovers, you are in for a real treat.  From almond cream to southern pecan to your new favorite dessert…The S’mores croissant. Chef Vincent literally makes his own marshmallows for this creation that will take a few friends to eat entirely.

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If you are interested in learning the techniques behind the food, Le Petit Croissant offers several very popular courses on croissant making,  how to make macarons,  and other pastry workshops. Sign up quickly because they fill up really fast.

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