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The 1950 Census has Been Released to the Public

The 72 Year Wait is Over for Historians and Genealogists! The 1950 Census has been released to the public.

The US Federal Census has been taken every 10 years since 1790 and they are not released to the public for 72 years.

What is in the 1950 Census?

    • The 1950 Census recorded every person living in a household in the U.S. including territories, people living overseas, on military bases, in prisons, in dormitories, orphanages, etc.
    • The 1950 Census should feature:
      • Names of people living in the household
      • Their age, place of birth, occupation, and citizenship status

What do people use this information for?

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    • Genealogists, historians, and anyone curious about their family history
    • Can search for their own family members who were alive in 1950
    • And get a sneak peek into their lives
    • Sometimes this window into the past helps to solve a family mystery or offers tantalizing clues to a new one!

How to start searching?

    • Ancestry.com—Free with your library card when you visit any Library System location.
    • FamilySearch.org
    • National Archives—Public records available online at www.archives.gov.


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