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Thanksgiving cooking tips and tricks

The following sponsored content is provided by Ingles Markets.

Holiday cooking can be time consuming and a little stressful. Here are a couple of quick tips from The Ingles Table to enhance your Thanksgiving turkey and casseroles.

Turkey gravy tip

Chef Derek St. Romain from The Ingles Table offers a tip on making quick, delicious turkey gravy for your Thanksgiving celebration.

Mix white flour, McCormick’s turkey gravy and drippings from your turkey into a pan and mix well. Pour in three cups of water, mix well, simmer and boil.

“It’s the best turkey gravy you can get and its just so simple,” says Chef Derek.

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Dressing up your holiday casserole tip

Add a pop of fresh green color to the top of any casserole by rolling a basil leaf into a tight curl then chiffonade into thin spirals and sprinkle on top.

“This is s clue for your guests that something special is baked inside,” says Ingles Chef Sarah Elizabeth.

For more cooking tips and tricks, visit The Ingles Table.

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