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Sync.MD keeps your records safe, secure and accessible

The following is sponsored content from Sync.MD

What is Sync.MD?

“On the healthcare side of the business, Sync.MD’s focus is to provide basically an electronic suitcase for all medical records that anyone can have. If you are a patient, you can request your records from anyone. You can store them very securely inside the Sync.MD app, that you download from the app store, and you can share those records with anyone instantly in-person or remotely,” Sync.MD co-founder & CEO Eugene Luskin explained.

“Growing up in a doctor’s family, my mom was a doctor, I always knew that I need to have my medical records with me no matter where I go,” Luskin continued. “So, even if it’s the simple stuff, it’s better to have them with you and to never need them rather than actually not having them when you need them.”

Sync.MD is Expanding

“This year was insanely busy for us. We expanded in quite a few different dimensions. We kept saying that Sync.MD, in this name, means multidimensional. So we added additional dimensions,” Luskin said.

“We are rolling out, pretty much as we speak, in the automotive business. Giving solutions for automotive dealerships, for any kind of secure information exchange in identity verification. We added a real estate dimension for agent safety, for mortgage brokers, for verification of identity and requesting additional documents and electronic signatures. We are very actively pursuing several government opportunities. We are actually already actively used by the South Caroling Department of Veteran Affairs for identity verifications and for verifying benefits for veterans. So, it’s quite busy right now,” he explained.

“Sync.MD is actually a data integrity platform,” Luskin said. “We provide very simple solutions because I always say, ‘Simplicity is the key.’ Security is implied. We have to be very secure. We have to be way above any kind of industry standards, but simplicity is really the key. We are making sure that we do not have barriers of entry, that we can work with any type of scenarios where you need to store your personal data in a very, very secure and private way”

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Why the Anderson, South Carolina?

“I think that decision was one of the best decisions in our lives. You know, we love this area. We are very good, close friends with Congressman Jeff Duncan, and he was the one who kept repeating for years that we should look at South Carolina as the best place for business. We have a great relationship with the government of South Carolina. Lieutenant Governor Pamela Evette is very, very helpful with quite a few different things. But overall, the business environment and community here, I would say are the best that I’ve seen in the country.”

For more information, visit syncmd.com.

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