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Singing bell ringer in Spartanburg rings in top donations

SPARTANBURG, SC (Jennifer Martin) – All month, stores across the country have Salvation Army bell ringers stationed out front, collecting donations for families in need.

In Spartanburg, one of those workers is standing out. David Swindler is known as “the singing bell ringer” and is one of the top performers in the Spartanburg/Union county area.

Swindler was a Santa Claus entertainer for 20 years but is now disabled and has had a hard time finding work. On break from touring the country with his family, he took a job as a first time kettle worker in November.

Now he is stationed at the Sam’s Club on Peachwood Centre Drive from 11am to 8pm daily, singing Christmas carols to customers entering and exiting the store.

“People will be encouraged by it,” he says. “They’ll give a donation. They might just pass by just a bell ringer, and even if you say ‘Merry Christmas,’ it’s ‘Yeah hi, Merry Christmas.’ But a song? Songs have a way of touching people’s hearts.”

Donations benefit the Salvation Army, which helps local families in need throughout the year.

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