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Shop My G.F. Chef, Spears Acres at The Toasty Farmer winter market

GREENVILLE, S.C. – The Toasty Farmer winter market is back at Brewery 85! With nearly 60 vendors, there is something for everyone.

We spoke with My G.F. Chef and Spears Acres to learn more about their products.

Spears Acres began in 2020 after Rusty Spears was laid off due to the pandemic.

“I’ve been told by multiple people over the years that we ought to, as a family, start a catering service. So, we just decided that we were going to dive into that and do something that we’re passionate about and allows us to serve others,” Spears explained. “In doing so, my wife decided that we were going to go ahead and bottle our rubs. I have two different primary rubs, or seasonings, that we use all the time. We sell our rubs, and we do still have our catering service.”

Today, Spear’s Acres sells:

  • Rusty’s Red-Neck Rub
  • Rusty’s All Purpose Rub
  • RAGING Red-Neck Rub
  • Southern Fusion BBQ Sauce
  • Southern Fusion Gold BBQ Sauce
  • Smoked Turkeys
  • Twice Smoked Spiral Sliced Ham
  • Merchandise
  • Gift sets

Spears said their most popular product is the Rusty’s Red-Neck Rub.

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“It’s really sweet and savory. It’s made specifically for your pork and poultries. It’s great on salmon if you’re a fish lover. Whether you’re grilling, baking it in the oven, crockpot, or smoking it,” Spears explained.

If you looking for a gift for someone who enjoys cooking, Spears Acres has gift sets.

“Our rubs are for your every day cook, someone who likes to smoke meats or grill or just cook,” Spears said. “We have the boxes for Christmas. It’s a great gift idea.”

My G.F. Chef owners Shawn and Tammy Butler said they use Spears Acres rubs in some of their products.

“Turkeys, hams, our chickens, you know, anything I smoke for business, I use their rubs. It’s fantastic stuff. Their A.P. Rub has a nice little bite of heat to it with the pepper, but the Red-Neck Rub by far is my favorite,” Shawn Butler explained.

Shawn said they decided to start My G.F. Chef out of necessity after Tammy was diagnosed with celiac disease.

“My wife has celiac, so it started about 4 or 5 years ago with not being able to find foods that are out there for gluten-free people. So, we just started our own business making pies for farmers markets, and it’s now grown to where we do everything from pies to soups to breads to sourdough to ready-to-eat meals,” Shawn explained. “We did Thanksgiving meals for people. We do Christmas meals for people. It has just expanded. It is fantastic how our customers have responded. The community that is out there is just fantastic.”

The following is only SOME of the items MY G.F. Chef sells:

  • Frozen meals
    • Country sausage gravy with biscuits
    • Chili Mac & cheese
    • Creamy lemon basil chicken pasta
    • Smoked pork loin with rice pilaf
    • Shepherd’s pie with mashed potatoes
    • 3 layer lasagna
  • Soups
    • Chunky potato bacon
    • Brunswick stew
    • Vegetable
    • Tomato basil bisque
    • Ham & bacon
  • Pies
    • Tomato with Pimento cheese
    • Braised beef with potatoes
    • Sausage quiche with feta
    • Chicken pot pie
    • Strawberry Rhubarb
  • Cookies & Desserts
    • Peanut butter cookies
    • White chocolate macadamia nut cookies
    • Cowboy cookies
    • Hersey Kiss cookies
    • Carrot cake with cream cheese
    • Pumpkin chocolate chip bread
    • Zucchini bread with chocolate chips
    • Egg nog muffins
    • Whoopie pies
    • Cupcakes
    • Muddy buddies
  • Breads
    • Keto cheese biscuits
    • Keto everything bagels
    • Biscuits
    • Cheese bread
    • Pepperoni bread
    • Pizza dough
    • and much more!

“We challenge people to tell us it’s gluten free,” Shawn said.

“We have many people that buy from us that are not gluten-free. In fact, some that just discovered this year, after 4 years of shopping with us, that ‘Oh, you’re gluten-free?’ So, obviously, the flavor is all there. It just doesn’t have the gluten,” Tammy said.

The couple said their products, including the soups and ready-to-eat frozen meals, are made fresh.

“The fact that we have them frozen, and you can just grab them at The Toasty Farmer on Saturdays and cook them whenever you’re ready. It makes it so convenient for people, especially if you’re working outside of the home or if they just don’t want to have to think about dinner,” Tammy said.

“You just pop them out of the refrigerator and into the oven. They’re good stuff,” Shawn added.

“Their cheddar biscuits are one of my favorites, Rusty said. “As far as the sweets, anything that they make is great.”

You can shop at The Toasty Farmer winter farmers market each Saturday from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. The market happens in Brewery 85’s event space, located at 6 Whitlee Ct. in Greenville.

Can’t make it to the farmers market? Follow My G.F. Chef on Facebook and Instagram. Follow Spears Acres on Facebook and Instagram, and visit website spearsacres.com.

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