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Scout’s Doughnuts to open storefront in Greenville

GREENVILLE, S.C. – Scout’s Doughnuts has been popping up around Greenville since February of 2022. Soon, it will be opening a storefront location in Overbrook.

Owners Ryland and JP Rainsford started Scout’s Doughnuts after hearing a friend complain about the lack of quality doughnuts around the area. The business idea was something the couple couldn’t stop thinking about, and it fit their goal of working together as a family.

How are Scout’s Doughnuts different?

“It’s a croissant-style doughnut,” Rainsford explained. “So it’s many, many layers. Over 100 layers of butter and dough are folded over and over and over again to create all those layers. And then it is cut into a ring and fried in order to create this many-layered texture, but still kind of that crisp doughnut experience that you’re used to.”

“We have developed over 50 original flavors. That’s kind of a lot of complexity to manage those. So we try to only keep somewhere between like, seven and 10 flavors in rotation at any given time,” he explained. “We’re going into summer now, so we’re going to be going back to a lot of our summertime favorites, which include things like lemon-strawberry and lemon-blueberry. Eventually, when fig season comes around, one of our favorites was a goat cheese fig we did last year. So we’ve got a lot of exciting flavors coming up.”

The new store will be located at 1700 East North Street in Greenville. The couple hopes to open its doors on June 1.

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“We’re still doing the wholesale distribution to a lot of our retail partners around town. So, you can follow us on social media or find our email newsletter to find out where we’re going to be every week. But, yeah, we’re going to continue pushing doughnuts out. As many doughnuts as we can until we open our doors and then it’s just going to increase from there.”

For more information, visit scoutsdoughnuts.com and follow along on Instagram.


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