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Save More Stress Less!

If you have children then you are well aware that Summer is winding down. Some moms have mixed feelings about this. I love summer because it’s not as much pressure to get the kids to bed super early. I don’t have to pack lunches. I don’t have to worry about homework! And best of all I don’t have to get 3 kids dressed, fed and out the door by 7:30am. To me, that’s magical.

The other side of me is happy school is returning because the bleeding of money will soon end. Summer can be so expensive because of camps, and child care and vacations and fun. (All well worth it, but expensive.)

So when it comes to going back to school I want to make it as easy and cost efficient as possible. One way I do that is by taking advantage of this coming Tax Free Weekend. (August 3-5)

We teamed up with our friends from Kidding Around Greenville to try and help you get the most bang for your buck. If you have a few extra minutes go browse our LivingUpstate Facebook page and watch the facebook live video we did from a local Target.

To make it even easier check out these links to make sure you’re ready for tax free weekend and getting your little ones ready for the best school year yet.

Back to School Guide (this one lists the events giving away school supplies)

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