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SantoLubes in Spartanburg producing two million gallons of hand sanitizer each week

John Pezzillo noticed there was a shortage of hand sanitizer in the U.S. marketplace in early March.

That’s when the CEO of SantoLubes LLC went to work and in less than three weeks, the Spartanburg manufacturing facility was producing hand sanitizer for businesses, fire and police departments, hospitals, EMTs, senior centers and households across the country.

“After filing all the FDA and Department of Treasury paperwork, we started manufacturing and selling SantoLubes’ SantOtizerTM hand sanitizer,” Pezzillo said. “In less than three weeks, we were able to convert available capacity to making hand sanitizer and secure ample raw materials to manufacture millions of gallons of product.”

SantoLubes is producing hand sanitizer at a rate of two million gallons per week and fulfilling demand on a first-come, first-served basis.

Founded in 1967, SantoLubes produces proprietary lines of lubricants and traction fluids that go into MRI machines, x-ray machines, aviation equipment and many other types of machinery and equipment.

As a specialty chemical company, SantoLubes is equipped to use its own supply of materials to produce hand sanitizer at scale. Its hand sanitizer formula follows World Health Organization formula specifications.

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A primary goal of the SantOtizer project was to keep the product affordable, Pezzillo said, selling its five-gallon pail for $30 per gallon or $180, shipping included and delivered anywhere in the continental USA. For those who can accept larger quantities, the company sells 55-gallon drums, 275-gallon totes and 6,800 tank trucks for $20 per gallon plus the cost of shipping and handling.

SantoLubes will continue to manufacture hand sanitizer after the COVID-19 crisis has passed, officials say.

“None of this would have been possible without the dedication of our SantoLubes team that has been working tirelessly around the clock to produce hand sanitizer for families and organizations around the nation,” he said. “We are proud that all our raw materials are made in the U.S.A and that we manufacture right here in Spartanburg, South Carolina.”

Want to order?

Click here to purchase SantOtizer hand sanitizer. For more information, call 866-888-6775.

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