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Reminder: Daylight Saving Time ends tomorrow

Daylight Saving Time officially ends Sunday, November 3, at 2 a.m., which means if you don’t “fall back” you’ll be an hour early for church, brunch with friends or whatever your Sunday plans hold.

Originally implemented as an energy-saving measure, opponents of Daylight Saving Time say that our modern-day use of air conditioning and heating negate any savings gained by not having to use lights in the evening. They also argue that the time change disrupts our body clocks, which leads to health issues and less productivity at work.

Those in favor of Daylight Saving Time say it’s safer for drivers to commute in the daylight, and that it promotes greater outdoor activities that lead to healthier lifestyles.

Whatever side you’re on in the debate, South Carolina clocks are fallin’ back tonight – at least for now.

Debate heating up

While Arizona and Hawaii have never observed Daylight Saving Time, several states are now looking at making it permanent.

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Sixty percent of voters in California recently passed a measure granting the state legislature the power to change the clocks permanently. In 2018, Florida legislators passed the aptly named Sunshine Protection Act that would leave the Sunshine State one hour ahead of the rest of the East Coast during winter.

Arkansas passed a bill to make DST permanent on the condition that it doesn’t become effective until bordering states change their clocks permanently, too. Legislation also has passed in Washington, Tennessee, Oregon, Nevada and Alabama that would make Daylight Saving Time permanent. However, none of these changes can go into effect without – you guessed it – an act of Congress.

Remember to roll your clocks back an hour before heading to bed tonight and enjoy that extra hour of sleep!

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