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Planning for life after retirement

The following is sponsored content from The Tyler Simpson Allstate Agency.

If you or a loved one are considering independent living options, you may be wondering where to start. Luckily, The Tyler Simpson Allstate Agency has resources available to help you navigate the process. Allstate has teamed up with Rolling Green Village, senior living community in Greenville, to provide information to clients regarding available resources for independent living.

“A lot of times people think retirement living is for only the rich, but it is not. It does take planning, and that’s where The Tyler Simpson Allstate Agency comes in,” Ruth Wood, with Rolling Green Village, said.

Many people plan for retirement but don’t necessarily plan through retirement, according to Bill McKinney, an Allstate Personal Financial Representative.

“They know how to work, they know how to retire, and they definitely know when they want to retire. But when we get to the subject of independent living and making that transition, that’s where there’s kind of a breakdown in information,” McKinney said.

He said it’s essential to plan for later in life, and tools, such as long term care plans, annuities, and life insurance, can help cover future costs.

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“There’s a lot of tools now that didn’t used to exist just 10 or 20 years ago. Whether it’s working through a traditional long term care plan or through an annuity or through life insurance and adding on riders and things that can cover people, we can do a lot to make sure that people really have all their options,” McKinney explained.

When asked about what age one should begin planning for independent living, Simpson advised that the earlier, the better.

You can schedule a meeting with Allstate or Rolling Green Village to discuss your retirement planning needs. Rolling Green also plans to offer some workshops in the Fall.

If you’re considering independent living, it’s essential to plan ahead and take advantage of available resources. Allstate and Rolling Green are great places to start, offering information, tools, and support to help make the transition as smooth as possible. For more information, call (864) 289-9802 or visit The Tyler Simpson Allstate Agency’s website.

The Tyler Simpson Allstate Agency is located at 3527 Pelham Road, Suite A, Greenville, SC 29615.

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