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New South Spirits brings distilling to downtown Greenville

GREENVILLE, SC – A new hotspot has emerged in downtown Greenville, promising to delight spirit enthusiasts and curious visitors alike. New South Spirits, the brainchild of Todd Harbin, Lisa Messenger and TC Beinke, is downtown Greenville’s first fully operational distillery, offering an array of rum varieties and agaves.

In an interview with Living Upstate host Jamarcus Gaston, Lisa explained the unique aspect of their distillery.

“We are the first working distillery in [downtown] Greenville. Unlike others that might have tastings or display a still without actually using it, we produce all our products right here,” she said.

New South Spirits specializes in a variety of rums.

“We offer different flavors of rum, from cream rum to silver rum, and barrel-rested rum,” Lisa said.

Their current handcrafted collection offers:

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  • Barrel rested rum
  • Peanut butter cup ghost
  • Pineapple rum
  • Vanilla rum
  • Spiced rum
  • Vanilla bedlam ghost
  • Silver rum
  • 100% blue weber agave spirit
  • Agave spirit – blanco
  • Agave reaper

Todd Harbin, the Chief Distillation Engineer at New South Spirits, shared insights into their production process.

“We do everything on-site using traditional methods and all-natural ingredients. Our rums and agaves are distilled twice to ensure quality,” Todd explained. “And you know, everybody’s received our product pretty well.”

The distillery also offers tours and tastings, giving visitors an inside look at their operations.

“We take visitors through our entire process, from our background to the distilling area, explaining each step. After the tour, we offer a tasting, which is always a hit,” Todd explained.

“Until we add food in the next couple of months, everything we offer is part of a tour,” Lisa added. “You can enjoy a cocktail tour, a flight tour, or a seated tour where you can read about our process while looking through the viewing window. You can also take a full tour, go behind the scenes, and talk directly with Todd.”

New South Spirits also offers a variety of boozy ice creams.

Jamarcus highlighted the convenience and appeal of visiting New South Spirits.

“It’s great to have a working distillery right here in downtown Greenville, especially in the West End, near Velo Fellow.”

“We are tucked in the back, right beside Velo Fellow. You have to come down the stairs,” Lisa added.

The ambiance of New South Spirits adds to its charm, offering a speakeasy vibe.

Todd mentioned, “We put a lot of ourselves into it. We built the bar and tables ourselves, did all the woodwork, and included Lisa’s artwork. We really put our heart into this place.”

In addition to the cozy indoor space, the distillery features an outdoor patio area.

“We have a great patio area where you can play games like cornhole,” Lisa explained. “There’s a lot for people to enjoy.”

For those interested in visiting, New South Spirits is open with tours available at 1 Augusta Street #102 in Greenville.  More information can be found on their website at NewSouthSpirits.com, and they can be followed on social media at @NewSouthSpiritsGVL.

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