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Mother’s Day brunch hacks

With thousands of restaurants in our area choosing the right one can be a chore. Especially, when it’s an important day like Mother’s Day. In the South we love to do Brunch. Brunch is a great time to come together, have a mimosa and beat the Church crowds. Most restaurants are offering fun Mother’s Day Brunch specials. Sounds great right? The only problem if you haven’t already made your reservations you may be out of luck. Some of the most popular brunch spots include Mon Amie in Spartanburg, and Delaney’s Irish Pub. In Greenville you have tons of options like Hal’s, Nose Dive, Southern Culture, and Anchorage.  These are all a fantastic choice but reservations may be hard to get this late in the game. One option if you’re really set on eating out is to try some of the Hotels. Or try going to a smaller town.

Having someone else cook for you and clean up for you sounds like a win win? Unless you’re like me and have three young children. In that case having to get everyone dressed, make sure the boys have toys and electronics and timing out when the baby needs to eat on top of getting myself presentable can be more trouble than its worth. If that is the case for you try this. Go by your local Butcher Shop and grab a steak. Then head to Ingles (who by the way has a dozen red roses for under $20) and get all the sides and enjoy a meal at home. You won’t have to fight the crowds, can stay in your jammies and the bill will be a lot less.

After your nice relaxing meal at home grab mom and some friends and head to downtown Greenville for Artisphere. It’s an award winning art festival that celebrates fine arts, music, food and more.

If you would like some fun Mother’s Day gift ideas hit me up on @livingupstatesc on Facebook and I’ll give you lots of options sure to keep you and mom happy.

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