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Monogram Concierge for Busy Moms

Just one set of hands is all you need to get it ALL done right?  This is Heather Husson and we moms are tough on ourselves right?  Megan Heidlberg and I talk all the time about how great it would be to have just a little help here and there.  Joyce McAbee came on Your Carolina to talk about Monogram Concierge and right away we were writing down her number!  So they do monogram – and so much more!  They can help you with all kinds of errands you just do not have time for like,  dropping off or picking up items or paperwork from crowd-heavy places like the post office, DMV, or the county courthouse or time-consuming tasks like getting clothing items you or your family have outgrown or grown tired of cleaned out of your closet and taken to the consignment shop or to your charity of choice.

It gets even better! If you need something wrapped for a special occasion, they’re you’re go-to choice! They love choosing holiday gifts on their client’s behalf, beautifully wrapping them, and making sure that they are personally delivered or mailed. And they love parties too – they’ve filled baskets for a neighborhood Easter egg hunt, planned an all-purple themed 13 year old’s birthday party, wrapped more Christmas gifts than they can count, shopped for many a Mother and Father’s Day gift, and even put together a beer tasting event for a group of male buddies celebrating Oktoberfest!

They also grocery shop for their clients,  make master food inventory lists, based on their unique family favorites, to shop from. They organize and update pantries and cabinets seasonally and the list seriously goes on.

This is not a luxury service, this is everyday affordable.  Check out Monogram Concierge here

Or contact them at: (864) 283-6770 or visit them at 1306 S. Church Street, Greenville.

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