Megan loves her grandmother's recipe for stuffing.
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Megan’s Grandmother’s Stuffing Recipe for Thanksgiving

Megan loves her grandmother’s recipe for stuffing.  This comes from her mom’s side and from the ingredients it looks amazing!


Break up (dice) about a half a loaf of bread

It’s best if the bread is a few days old and not real fresh.

Chop some onions.

I usually use one large onion for both dressing and stuffing.

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Around 1/3 to ½ cup for the stuffing.

Take around 3 heaping tablespoons of Crisco shortening and melt in a big pot (2qt. pot).

Simmer (on low to med-low heat) the onions until they are tender.

Not brown, just tender.

On low heat, add bread and mix well.

Add some salt and pepper and a few shakes of parsley flakes.

Heat thoroughly, it doesn’t take long

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