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Megan Heidlberg Zip Lines the Gorge!

Megan Heidlberg zip lines The Gorge and if she can do it, you can too! Megan put on a helmet, gloves and workout clothes and got ready to spend the day zip lining over the Gorge in Saluda North Carolina.  Before you go check out what it is like, from the training, to the zip lining, the rappelling and even the walk across the shaky bridge, we captured it all!

The Gorge is America’s steepest, fastest canopy!  Yes that is right!  the steepest in the entire country is right in our own backyard.  Be prepared to spend an entire day going from platform to platform as you are helped by some excellent experienced guides!

They make sure you have fun and stay safe! There are 3 rappels, and the rest of the day is spent in tree height platforms.  You are literally zip lining through a forest that is breathtaking. When you are finished you can enjoy a cold beverage at The Gorge as you sit and take in the view from their main deck.  Seriously amazing!

If you are wondering about kids we have that information too.  Their suggested minimum age is 10 years old, and all participants must weigh between 70-250lbs. Guests are discretely weighed at check-in.

For contact: 166 Honey Bee Drive, Saluda, NC 28773  828-749-2500, 

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