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Megan and Heather “Chill”

I know it’s like 900 degrees outside. But do you really like to be cold? I mean -260 degrees cold. Before visiting Frigid Cryotherapy in Downtown Greenville I didn’t think I would want to be that cold either. Before I give you our verdict let me tell you a little about Frigid.

According to their website CryoTherapy was originally created for rheumatoid arthritis in the late 1970’s. This non-invasive treatment has become an alternative way to handle aches & pains from everyday living to fibromyalgia & arthritis.

I take a crossfit class about 4 times a week and can find myself pretty sore. Frigid is a great place for athletes to go to help recover a little faster.

Here’s how it works. If you do the whole body cryotherapy you’re going to do the following:

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  1. Fill out a waiver (It’s fast)
  2. Go to the bathroom and take off all your clothes. (Guys you can keep on the undies)
  3. Slip on a super comfy robe and socks and slippers
  4. Step into the machine and hand over your robe
  5. Do a little dance or whatever helps you think warm thoughts for 3 minutes. They say the last 30 seconds are the hardest but I honestly didn’t think it was worse than the first 30 seconds. (I wrapped my arms around my chest like I was dancing and kept moving my feet)
  6. Chat it up with the operator while they bring the machine to -260.
  7. When your three minutes is up they pass you back your robe and you slowly step out.
  8. Get dressed and go on your way.

After just 3 minutes my soreness was gone! The day before was a heavy leg day and I felt so much better!

There are a ton of benefits and I would do this multiple times a week. (As with anything you should read all the material and consult with your doctor if you have any concerns)

Courtney, one of the twins who owns Frigid, was there with us when we went to visit and she totally makes it so much fun. She is super nice and fun and the time flew by. Her twin Cecily is usually manning their store on Pelham Road. Heather and I visited their new location in downtown Greenville off Augusta Road right beside Eggs up Grill.

On Wednesday July 18th they’re having a huge party at the Greenville location. It’s from 5-8
– Wine & Light Apps will be served –
Package 1: 5 CryoFACIALS (retail $150)
Package 2: 5 Whole Body CryoTherapy Sessions (retail $240)
Package 3: 5 thirty-minute NormaTec Sessions (retail $100)
1) Polar Pack — 2 CHILLS & 2 NormaTec for $80 (Retail $100)
2) Lil Eskimo — 3 CHILLS for $100 (Retail $150)
You can Call and Purchase Over Phone

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