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A few hours to chill in Asheville, NC

  • IMG_E9508
  • IMG_9582
  • IMG_9583
  • IMG_9584
  • True Confections
  • IMG_9588
    Graham Cracker Cake
  • IMG_9590
  • True Confections
  • IMG_9594
  • IMG_9595
  • Get Weird Silo
  • IMG_9581
    Candle selection at The Open Door Boutique
  • Mural outside The Phil Mechanic Artist Studios
    Mural near Phil Mechanic Artist Studios
  • IMG_E9516
    Dining Room at Rhubarb
  • "The Quan" at Rhubarb
    "The Quan" at Rhubarb
  • IMG_E9530
  • Inside The Rhu
  • IMG_E9534
  • Sweet Treats at The Rhu
    Delicious treats at The Rhu
  • The Silo Mural, Asheville
    Get Weird Silo
  • Dining Room at Rhubarb
    Inside Rhubarb
  • IMG_9565
  • IMG_9534
    The Rhu Menu
  • IMG_9536
    Sweet Treats at The Rhu
  • IMG_9543
    Inside Kress Emporium
  • IMG_9546
    Bath products at Kress Emporium
  • IMG_9549
    Balsam soap at Kress Emporium
  • IMG_9552
    Kress Emporium
  • IMG_9556
    Beautiful Photos at Kress Emporium
  • IMG_9558
  • IMG_9559
  • IMG_9563
    The Rhu
  • IMG_9532
    The Rhu
  • IMG_9567
    Asheville mural near Double D's Coffee Bus
  • Double D's Coffee Bus
  • IMG_9569
  • IMG_9571
  • IMG_9572
  • IMG_9575
    Double D's Coffee and Desserts
  • IMG_9577
  • IMG_9578
    Open Door Boutique
  • IMG_9579
    The Open Door Boutique

Asheville, North Carolina is a mecca for art, beer, food, musicians, culture, and attracts folks from all over the world.

I mean… it is the home to America’s largest private home!

The mountain city is just a short drive from Greenville( 1hr 10 minutes) and Spartanburg(1 hour), and makes for the perfect getaway for a few hours.

There is just something about the Asheville vibe that electrifies your senses and makes you want to explore them all.

Asheville mural near Double D’s Coffee Bus

Get Weird Silo

I try to escape to AVL a few times a month just to refresh, so I wanted to share this itinerary of a day trip that you could accomplish in a few hours. (Disclaimer: This is in no way the judge and jury when it comes to things to do in Asheville, just an example of one of the many itineraries.)

Let’s start with some exploring! Asheville is known for its quirky vibe and large population of artists and free-spirits. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that you will see lots of colorful murals and graffiti displayed around the city. Right as you enter the city you will notice a silo with bold type commanding you to “Stay Weird.” Previously, the silo displayed “Good Vibes,” and there are some folks that think that the earlier fit the Asheville vibe better. This spot is an Instagrammer’s dream, so prepare to wait your turn to get the perfect shot with the silo peeking over your corner.

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Get Weird Silo

You will have to drive to the silo area, but if you are wanting to get some steps in, walk up to the Phil Mechanic artists studios and see what they are creating in this super cool space. The River Arts District is one of my favorite places to just roam and let natural connection happen.

Mural near Phil Mechanic Artist Studios

After you have gotten all of your Instagram shots, keep your camera handy because its about to be food porn time! Asheville is acclaimed for its food scene and seriously stunning restaurants. No matter the price point or your palate, there is something to help you get your grub on.

Dining Room at Rhubarb

I have heard lots of great things about Rhubarb located on Pack Square in downtown. It has such a beautiful, warm vibe with an open kitchen concept so you can see the staff working away on your dishes. The restaurant serves brunch, lunch, snacks, and dinner.  Today, I am all about that brunch, about that brunch! (Sorry, had to do it.) The server recommended “Quan’s Chicken Biscuit” which was named for a kitchen worker who claimed to have the secret to making their already great chicken biscuit even better! The chicken sandwich was a mix of savory and sweet  with that pepper jam hitting all the spots! They also serve brunch cocktails and wine.

The owners of Rhubarb also have another property around the corner called “The Rhu.”

The Rhu, Asheville

The Rhu is a cafe, bakery and retail space that is perfect for that grab-and go type situation.

Let’s grab some coffee! Another Instagrammable moment here! We are going to get some coffee from a double decker bus!

Double D’s is an actual bus that serves as a coffee shop, and yes, you can sit on it to enjoy your mocha and sweet treat. Note: the bus is cash only so bring some dolla’ dolla’ bills, y’all!

Double D’s Coffee Bus

Now that we have adequate amounts of caffeine coursing through our veins….it’s time to shop! If you want to do a bunch of shopping in swoop, this is it! The Kress Emporium is a one-stop shop for all the locally made/ local artist wares that you can handle. The space showcases over 80 regional artists and crafters in the one spot. You can spend a few hours browsing through booths with soaps, paintings, scarves, photographs, 3-D plant art , and plenty more. This place is NOT to be missed!

One of the weirdest compliments I always seem to receive is, “You smell good!” I am now letting you guys in on my little Asheville secret. I always stop in this little hippie magic shop to get my oil rub-ons made right in Asheville.

You will find a great selection of ethically produced body products, incense, wall tapestries and just about anything else you could want. The staff is super friendly and will help you will any of your purchasing needs.

Are you worn out yet? Let’s get you some sweetness to get you ready for that drive home!  True Confections is very unassuming but you will be glad that you stopped in. They sell coffee, but the protagonist of this story is the bake case jam packed with all. the. goodies. They are all handmade by the owner. I had the graham cracker cake and it lasted a total of 30 seconds from table-to-mouth.

Thanks for following along with the itinerary for a few hours in Asheville. Feel free to share some of your favorite AVL spots.

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