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Ingles Open Road: The Pines

We’re having enormous fun in a little town that is home to one of the biggest stars on the entire planet. Come on, who doesn’t love Dolly? And this is where she played her first ever paid gig. Welcome to The Pines.

This place dates back to 1944 when it opened as The Pines Theatre. Back then it sat about 700 people – and in 1956 a 10-year-old Dolly Parton got paid to sing for the first time as part of The Cas Walker Farm and Home Tour.

Today, the “theatre” part of The Pines is gone, but the fun remains in a whole new way thanks to a fantastic renovation and hands-on entertainment that’s just waiting here for you and your friends.

Say hello to duck pin bowling. Yep, it’s a thing. And it’s harder than it looks! It’s credited with being invented by baseball Hall of Famers John McGraw & Wilbert Robinson at their Baltimore bowling and billiards bar. It’s a blast.

And the fun doesn’t stop here. This place is designed to please with a wide variety of fun activities – all created to bring people together for a good time.

There’s Dutch shuffleboard. This game is awesome and is often best executed by balancing your stance with a beverage in one hand. There’s Foosball…Darts…Snookball… wait, snookball?

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OK, apparently snookball is kind of like if pool and soccer had a baby. How awesome is that?!

The art of fun is in full effect here at The Pines, and the fun keeps coming with retro video games, board games, and cocktail arcades. And speaking of cocktails.

The good times get a little better with the fantastic food and drink options here. Definitely the place to be after your 9-5.

In the place that gave the queen of country her first shot at professional entertainment it’s good to see that the entertainment is still alive and well at The Pines.

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