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Ingles Open Road: AyurPrana Listening Room

Music is taking center stage at a beautiful and intentionally designed space in Asheville. This is no mere concert venue – it’s a listening room. Welcome to AyurPrana.

The AyuraPrana Listening Room got its start in West Asheville in 2022, and the artistry in this former church is amazing. With barrel vaulted ceilings, sound panels adorning the walls, and even the golden rule hand crafted in Morse code in the lobby – this is a place that is acoustically harmonious, and visually stunning.

The main difference between a listening room and a traditional concert venue is that it’s all about creating a space where the audience can really tune into the music, and the artists on stage can focus on delivering a truly sound performance.

In this episode, we’re being treated to the Opal String Quartet. This incredible collection of instrumentalists each feature frequently with the Asheville, Greenville, and Charlotte symphonies. And this evening their talents play to a sold-out crowd intent on listening to their inspirational music fill this gorgeous room.

This space magically transforms several nights out of the year with 2,500 candles illuminating seemingly every surface of this beautiful venue. If it feels almost spiritual while you’re here that’s kind of the point. This former house of worship truly embodies its name. AyurPrana means, “life force”. And there really is a life-giving feel to your experience here.

While the Opal String Quartet is treating us to that “life force” in this episode, the AyurPrana Listening Room is home to dozens of performances and events throughout the year – including bluegrass, singer/songwriter, sound healing events, and speakers.

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And if you want to stay in Asheville while you’re visiting AyurPrana, its parent organization The Ayurvedic Institute also owns and operates the SoHum Mountain Healing Resort – a gorgeous property just off the Blue Ridge Parkway.

As you bask in the beauty of the music you definitely get that feeling of wanting to stay for more. And with a pleasant collection of local beverages on hand it’s certainly a comfortable environment that will have you smiling and applauding at the end of your evening.

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