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Ingles Open Road: Asheville Jeep Tours

I’m Chris Bainbridge, and I love the Carolinas. This is an amazing place to find adventure in all shapes and sizes – even in our changing world. Ingles sent me on a mission to bring you the very best of what our beautiful home has to offer – food, fun, nature, music, and more… all affordable, and all out of the ordinary.

On the Ingles Open Road, we love the Blue Ridge Mountains. The ever-changing terrain, bio- and ecological diversity, and dramatic landscapes make this a place practically begging for exploration. Well, today we’re taking a trip into the Pisgah National Forest to explore an incredible corner of North Carolina on four wheels that are unlike anything else.

This is Asheville Jeep Tours. The company takes guests out into the wild to experience some of the out-of-the-way highlights that the locals know and visitors crave. We’re starting things off at one of the lesser-known destinations in the forest: Daniel Ridge Falls.

This waterfall can be reached by an easy hike, but it’s definitely off the beaten path in Pisgah. Having a guide like Asheville Jeep Tours owner Clayton Manch to show you the way is a great option so that you can relax, enjoy, and not worry about that GPS going offline.

While on your trip, you get to learn about your surroundings, the history of the area, and fun facts about the forest. And you can get your feet wet by trying out a few hiking spots by some of the area’s most beautiful waterfalls.

The Jeep ride itself is a lot of fun. It’s been modified to seat up to 10 people so you can bring the family and friends. You can stock up on snacks at Ingles and really enjoy the ride while Clayton does the driving.

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Our next stop takes us to one of our favorites in the forest – Slick Rock Falls. The name is no joke. DO NOT go climbing on waterfalls. But when viewed from a safe vantage point, these are some of the most breathtaking cascades anywhere in the country.

Finally, we’re off to our last stop: the quintessential “must-see” on any visit to Pisgah – Looking Glass Falls. This is a gorgeous waterfall that you just have to see in person.

Looking Glass Falls is 60 feet tall and is just as spectacular in the winter as it is in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. It’s a fitting finale to an amazing day out with Asheville Jeep Tours. Your weekend is waiting on the Ingles Open Road.

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