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Ingles Open Road: American Museum of the House Cat

If there’s one thing you need to know about Chris Bainbridge, the host of the Ingles Open Road, it’s that he is a dog person. But when we heard that we were going to tour the American Museum of the House Cat… one name sprang to mind that we knew had to come along for the ride.

This is Paws. The beloved mascot of Western Carolina University. You might recognize him from some of his hilarious ads he’s done with Ingles over the years. Well, it turns out that today’s destination is just up the road from campus. So, we called up our favorite Cat and here we are – ready for anything.

The American Museum of the House Cat was the vision of one man: Harold Sims. And you might say to yourself, what kind of guy comes up with an idea like this? Well, we’ll tell you, a very generous one.

Harold started the Museum as a way to raise money and awareness for the cats of Jackson County, North Carolina. He actually opened and operated the first no-kill shelter in the county. And has helped manage the cat population through spay and neuter clinics. Pretty ameowzing.

This museum is a lot. It’s a hodge-podge of any and anything cat related. Toys, ads, games, art – you name it, it’s here.

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If you’re a friend of the felines, this place has to be on your bucket list. The assortment of items on display here are all over the map. And speaking of map – there are cat things from all over the world. Don’t just take my word for it – Paws seems impressed. And remember, when you’re visiting here, you’re helping the mission of helping our furry friends.

And it’s a mission that Ingles supports. Every year Ingles partners with local animal shelters and humane societies – whether they’re donating food or sponsoring pet adoption events. It’s a practically purrfect way to give back.

And if you find yourself in Sylva, North Carolina, you can support this mission too with a visit to what has to be one of the most unique museums in the country: The American Museum of the House Cat.

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