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How to save on your insurance with a teen driver

The following is sponsored content from The Tyler Simpson Allstate Agency

Do you have a teen driver? The Tyler Simpson Allstate Agency is ready to help you save up to 30% on your vehicle insurance.

“At Allstate, we’re able to save people hundreds of dollars. We have some discounts that are exclusive only to Allstate. People are familiar with [discounts for] defensive driving and good grades. A lot of companies have those. We have something called Teen Smart, and we have unlimited accident forgiveness.”

Teen Smart is a program that can be completed at home with a parent. Once complete, a 10% discount will be added to your policy. Allstate also offers discounts for good grades and defensive driving courses.

“We had a gentlemen call in. He was paying $724 a month. He has two teenage drivers, and we were able to add the Teen Smart Discount. We were also able to add the Resident Student Discount onto his policy, and we lowered his premium down to $260 per month,” Simpson said. “That’s a $500 savings.”

Tyler said it’s better to speak with your insurance agent now instead of waiting until you’ve been in an accident.

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“There are more teen accidents than we probably realize in South Carolina. There is a teenager involved in an accident that either has an injury or fatality every 1.4 hours here in South Carolina,” he explained. “Call us now. Let’s get that accident forgiveness in place so that you don’t have to incur the higher premiums. Allstate can help.”

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