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How to play golf like a pro without pain

SIMPSONVILLE, S.C. (Jennifer Martin, WSPA) —  After several injuries, golfing became difficult for Ryne Turner.

That led him to the Bon Secours Golf Performance and Rehabilitation program, where a few sessions changed everything.

“I was able to really go throughout an entire round without having back pain, just based off the positioning that they showed me and how I was supposed to set up,” Turner says.

Using K-Vest technology, the program’s TPI Golf Physical Performance screen is the same program that many pro golfers use to train.

“It’s a collection of 16 tests to see how well your body is potentially moving or how much strength you have in certain areas,” Physical Therapist Andrew Sires explains.

Using multiple sensors on the chest, pelvis, hand and arm, the 3D motion analysis trains patients to swing correctly with audible feedback once they are in the right position.

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Since this program started last February at the St. Francis Therapy Center in Simpsonville, a number of patients have reported an increase in accuracy and distance and a decrease in pain.

“It didn’t just decrease my pain, it eliminated it,” Turner says.

Sires says moving your body parts in the right order is one of the most important steps.
“Your hips, your trunk, your shoulders and then the club – it should move in that order,” Sires says.

He says the improper movement of the hips or upper back is usually the cause of spurts of low back pain on the course.

“What we typically see is we start to lose rotation in those areas and compensate through our lower back, which potentially can lead to low back pain playing golf,” he explains.

The Bon Secours Golf Performance and Rehabilitation program offers several different packages to golfers of all levels, and also includes physical therapy as needed. Amateur golfers looking to simply improve their golf skills are also welcome to use the program. To learn more about Bon Secours Golf Performance and Rehabilitation please call 864-254-5899 to schedule an appointment at 317 Scuffletown Road, Simpsonville, SC 29681.

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