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‘How to break up’ was SC’s most-searched relationship question

Relationship search terms

Credit: CenturyLinkQuote Click Here for larger image

Valentine’s Day is coming up and the analysts at CenturyLinkQuote have released the findings of a study that looked at the relationship questions each state was searching for on Google.

Some were cute like “am I in love?” or “does he love me?” or “how to kiss?”

Others – not so much.

“I cheated on my girlfriend/boyfriend” was a popular search term in quite a few states.

Other popular search terms – “How to break up” and “how to get over a breakup.”

So what were the most popular relationship search terms in our area?

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The most popular relationship question searched of in South Carolina was “how to break up.”

In North Carolina people are searching “does he love me.”

In Georgia? We’ll – let’s just say there are some cheating girlfriends in the Peach State.

Things aren’t so peachy on the Georgia / Florida line.

The most popular term in the Sunshine state was “I cheated on my girlfriend.”

So what were the other states searching? You can find the full results of the study here.

CenturyLinkQuote says the used Google Search Trends to find the search volume for 10 key relations questions from December 2017 to December 2018.

They used the data to see what questions each state searched more that other states, according to the website.


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