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Hometown Spotlight: Fishing for a Future

(WSPA) – The Bassmaster Classic is happening on Lake Hartwell where more than 50 of the top bass anglers in the country compete to be named champion.

On 7 News Hometown Spotlight went to see some of the youngest successful anglers and how they work their way up to the biggest catch of the day.

On the previous weekend, more than 200 teams of teens spent the day fishing the Palmetto High School Fishing Trail from dawn until mid afternoon to find out which high school team could catch the top weighing fish at the 5 fish limit.

16 year-old Daelyn Whaley and 17 year-old Molly Beauford were baiting hooks before breakfast with Daelyn’s father Trad long as boat captain to take them where they thought the fish would gather.

The girls compete against the boys, for Abbeville High School. They’re well known on the Palmetto High School Bass Fishing Trail but they do it for fun.

The girls are interested in scholarships offered by colleges for outstanding fishing performance.

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The girls said fishing talent is judged on skill with baiting, casting, navigation and ability to lead.

The girls came out of last weeks tournament on Lake Murray in 14 th place out of more than 240 teams from across the state.
They caught five bass with a total weight of more than 12 pounds

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