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Home décor trends for Summer 2019

This past winter in the Upstate was rough. I feel like it got colder every day and the winter season seemed like it was never going to end. But, ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to report that there is a light (aka the Sun) at the end of the tunnel! And here to help welcome her with open arms is our 2019 Summer Home Trends roundup! We have compiled a list of our favorite home trends and how to style them in your home!

1. Minimalist Design
A minimalist at heart, I love that simplicity is making a huge comeback. Less is more in 2019 so say goodbye to overly styled coffee tables and dressers and hello to simple. Clean lines, limited accent pieces, and de-cluttering are all on trend with this year’s style. Skip the over-decorating and keep things low maintenance with a throw over the couch, your favorite book on the coffee table, and an interesting art piece over the bed.

2. That ’70s Style
This is a style trend I am fully behind. I absolutely adore ’70s inspired decor with that mid-century modern flair. Tapered peg leg furniture, sleek lines, and organic shapes are staples of this style. If you grew up watching That ’70s Show you know the furniture I am referring to! Easy ways to incorporate this design trend into your home are with fun furniture pops like a ’70s style chair, or some fun ’70s inspired throw pillows. Bright colors like retro orange and elements like teak wood are also great ways to add some ’70s swag to your home.

3. Texture/Raw Materials
You’ve heard this one before if you’ve been around the design world a while, but texture is making a huge return this year. We are seeing macramé plant hangers, woven wall art, loom goods and more. Mixing and matching these different textures is a dynamic way to add character to your home both inside and out. Try covering up your utility box with a fun macramé piece or mixing leather accents into your decor. Texture goes a long way in making your home feel cozy and inviting.

4. Mixed Patterns
This is such a fun design trend! There is just something about mix-matched patterns that make a space seem so alive and vibrant. Whether it’s with pillows, prints or rugs, mixing up patterns like stripes and dots, or floral and geometric shapes, can be an artistic way to freshen up your space. Patterns are also a unique way to put your personality and spin on design. There are so many options to choose from and mixing several different ones together gives it a personal touch that’s all your own.

So, this summer have fun and kick it old school. Keep things simple, bring in a little bit of contrasting textures and play with those prints!

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About the Author

Sammy Batts

Sammy Batts

Sammy Batts is a wife, new mom, lifestyle blogger and passionate lover of all-things interiors. She is the founder and lead interior designer at Fig Leaf + Co design studio in Spartanburg, SC. Sammy is inspired by nature, community, history and oat milk lattes. An island girl at heart, Sammy’s early days were spent running the beaches of Pawleys Island, SC where her obsession with melding nature into the home truly began. After college, she and her husband moved to Nashville, TN where Fig Leaf + Co was born. She now resides in Spartanburg with her husband, Tyler, baby girl June, and spunky dog Scout.

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