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Greenville Artist Mackenzie Elliott talks about new children’s book, live-event paintings

GREENVILLE, S.C. – If you’re looking for a unique way to capture a memory, Greenville native Mackenzie Elliott offers custom artwork!

“I am the artist of Mackenzie Elliott Studio, and I call myself a customs-work artist. I am a live painter, so I go to events and live paint whatever they want me to. I create invitations and any kind of custom pieces of art,” she explained.

While Elliott has been painting her most of her life, and attended the Fine Arts Center, she said she started offering her live-event services after painting a few of her friends’ weddings.


She said she enjoys working with her clients to capture their perfect moments. After meeting with clients to decide what they would like to capture, Elliott arrives a few hours before the event starts to begin painting the details of the landscape or venue. She continues to add to the painting as the event is happening and completes the piece by the end of the event. She also invites her clients to add some paint to the canvas themselves or sign the artwork.

“I love doing weddings,” she said. “It’s just really special to me because I just love the idea of love. And that sounds really corny, but I cry almost every wedding.”

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Elliott also offers watercolor guest portraits.

“What that looks like is people at receptions or events can come to my table and I take a quick picture of them, and then I do a sketch of what they’re wearing and their hair in watercolor. It’s really fun. It’s about a 10-minute sketch, and they get to take it home as a token of the event,” Elliott said.

Her most popular events are weddings and fundraisers, but she can be booked for any type of event. In addition to live paintings, Mackenzie draws and paints portraits of homes, people or pets and other hand painted items.

“I, also, am an author and an illustrator. I just published my first children’s book,” Elliot explained, “It was inspired by my daughter Opal.”

Elliott said she was driving passed Paris Mountain one day and her daughter said something along the lines of, ‘I love you up and back from Paris Mountain.'” After that, Elliott started thinking about the love she feels for her family and her state.

In 2023, she wrote and illustrated Love You More, which celebrates the love parents have for their children and the beauty of South Carolina.

“It follows a family of Carolina Wrens,” Elliott explained. “It touches on different landmarks in our state, like Paris Mountain, and it focuses on our state things, like our state bird, our state flower, our state tree, and just different things about our state that I find beautiful.”

For more information, to book her services, or to purchase Love You More, visit mackenzieelliottstudio.com. You can also follow Mackenzie Elliott Studio on Facebook and Instagram.

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