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From Beer to Bourbon: A journey through Euphoria’s Feast by the Field

GREENVILLE, S.C. – Last Sunday, this self-proclaimed “Euphoria expert” received quite the culinary schooling she didn’t know she needed. Allow me to explain. 

Euphoria Greenville is the culinary and musical collaboration of Table 301’s Founder Carl Sobocinski and singer/songwriter Edwin McCain. The annual festival spans four glorious days in various locations around Greenville and supports local charities. 

As a veteran participant, I thought I had experienced all the festival had to offer. Since its inception in 2006, I have attended (or so I thought) every event. From Sunday Suppers and wine tastings to Songwriters’ Recipes and the like, I could not have possibly missed Sunday’s Feast by the Field, right? I could not have been more wrong! 

I arrived at Fluor Field, ticket in hand, expecting a repeat experience with friends. 

As I moved beyond the entry gates, I was overwhelmed by the festival’s more than 80 vendors, spanning as far as my eyes could see. 

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Is that craft beer? Why, yes! I decided on Bell’s Oberon Wheat Ale. Delicious!  

After weaving my way through countless beer vendors and patrons, I stumbled upon Cathead Vodka, opting to try their version of a Tom Collins. It was incredibly light and refreshing.  

Before I could decide whom to patronize next, I spied what appeared to be the most festive booth housing tequila! My fav! A kaleidoscope of colors happily assaulted my senses. Fairy lights, colorful plants, and interestingly shaped bottles enveloped this tiny purveyor’s booth that offered not one but three different brands to complement their many signature cocktails. I ordered a paloma with Astral tequila and paired it with a carnitas taco from Califas.  

I then decided to try some North Carolina BBQ, spicy wings, and spice cake from Atlanta based Tiny Lou’s. Yum! 

Beckoned by live music emanating from center field, I headed toward the sound. While The Trapfire Brothers played, I danced for a brevity. (Picture Elaine from Seinfeld.)  

At the end of Fluor Field, I discovered what can only be described as a tiny house emblazoned with Jim Bean’s logo. I ventured inside for some bourbon tea and official Jim Beam swag. 

Enraptured by the sights, sounds, and smells, I realized my pit stop had happily evolved to hours spent exploring every nook and cranny of the event. I knew I would never want to miss Feast by the Field again! 

It was the perfect amalgamation of cleverly crafted cocktails and delectable dishes from near and far. Visit euphoriagreenville.com for more information about next year’s Euphoria and all its many wonderful events. 



Pam Foster is a contributing Greenville events writer with a passion for traveling and experiencing life to the fullest.

In addition to writing, she serves as a volunteer fundraiser for nonprofit organizations.

A South Carolina native, she resides in Greenville with her husband and children.

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