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Escape Artists designs a new “room with a mission” for summer

GREENVILLE, S.C. — Locally owned and operated adventure puzzle room, The Escape Artist, is adding a new room Friday, May 18.

The latest addition called, Classified: A New Type of Challenge, is aimed at being the toughest task yet. This uniquely designed room will open mid-May and feature spy-like adventures for all who participate. While the details of the room are kept secret until participants arrive at the site, Classified is sure to keep even experienced Escape Artists on their toes.

“We like to create a unique feel to every room we construct so people will have no idea what to expect,” said Will Rutherford, owner of Escape Artist. “The design idea for this room was to set it at an expert level, and we are excited to see just how many people will be up for a challenge.”

While the room is set to open this month, the details about the challenge are limited. The only elements being released about Classified is that the set-up is aimed for smaller groups ranging from four to six participants. The challenge is also recommended for those who are considered experienced Escape Artists. First-timers are invited to try other intriguing rooms designed for beginners.

About Escape Artist Greenville:

Escape Artist Greenville is an entertainment experience that challenges participants’ teamwork, communication and logic to solve cryptic puzzles, crack codes and search for hidden clues. As Greenville’s first and only independently owned and operated escape room, each challenge at Escape Artist Greenville is conceptualized, designed and built by the Escape Artist team, ensuring a unique immersive experience that can’t be replicated at any other escape room. Escape Artist Greenville offers challenges for groups between two and fourteen people, private room reservations, and corporate team building opportunities. For more information visit www.escapeartistgreenville.com

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