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Dressing up for Halloween? Take a look at some of this year’s most popular costumes

(WSPA) – Halloween is next Wednesday and many people are going to costume parties this weekend.

Of course, that means Halloween stores are swarming with last minute shoppers.

Choosing a costume at the last minute can be overwhelming, but many are inspired by what they’ve already seen.

Year after year, a popular TV show and movies influence costumes.

In Greenville, Costume Curio said this year witches are a big request.

“It’s is the 25th anniversary of ‘Hocus Pocus,’ so that’s been a really big seller and renter this year.”

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Halloween Highways has gotten lots of requests for superheroes connected to new releases.

“What movie comes out. If it’s a new movie like the ‘Venom’ move, ‘Black Panther’ movie.”

That includes Michael Myers from the new “Halloween” film, and the inflatable T-Rex, which is blowing up in popularity thanks to the summer release of “Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom.”

On Pinterest, unicorns are trending.

“It’s amazing how the adults want unicorns with the kids,” “I’m like,’ok!'”

But the No.1 most requested costume this year is a character from the game, Fortnite.

Many stores don’t have it in stock.

“If we had it, I’d be a happy camper.”

But if you can’t find your perfect costume in the store, these costumes experts have a suggestion.

“I would definitely go to places like craft stores or general stores, like Walmart or Dollar Tree, and pick up things that are simple and cheap. But if you have a lot of creativity, you can put something together that you’ll love.”

On Google, Fortnite is the No.1 searched costume in the nation. In second place is Spiderman, which is possibly due to the new movie “Spiderman Into the Spider Verse,” which hits theaters this December.

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