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Discovery Island Waterpark is Great, and here is a TIP!

Discovery Island Waterpark is Great, and here is a TIP, go later in the day!

This is Heather Husson and we went to Discovery Island Waterpark in Simpsonville around 3pm which is great because most of the schools and school camps leave around 3pm.  Families are usually packing up to leave too and you can grab some shady spots.  They charge you to reserve big umbrella space but if you pick a spot on the grass behind the big umbrellas you get the shade benefit for free!

There are two slides, one you need a tube for.  A lazy river and small 3 foot high pool.  Our kids which ranged in age from 5-13 spent most of their time on the waterplay structure.

They did try the surf machine including my 5 year old but it really tosses you around a lot.  Snacks are a decent price and we did deal with some ants but for the most part it was great and not too big.


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Discovery Island Waterpark


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