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Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence returns to Greenville for ‘American Grill’ book signing

GREENVILLE, SC — This summer, food enthusiasts and grill masters have a new must-read book to add to their collections. Renowned chef, restaurateur, and Food Network star Tyler Florence recently visited Greenville to introduce his latest cookbook, American Grill: 125 Recipes for Mastering Live Fire.

In an interview with Living Upstate host Jamarcus Gaston, Florence shared his excitement about presenting his 17th cookbook.

“I am so happy to be home,” Florence said. “This is my 17th cookbook. It’s called American Grill, and it celebrates the great outdoors. So it’s 125 recipes on mastering live fire. I think it’s my best work.”

The book signing event at M. Judson was a huge success, with Florence connecting personally with fans and discussing cooking techniques. Gaston noted the chef’s unique approach to book signings, saying, “I’ve never seen someone so engaged with the audience. You were in there talking about their cooking techniques, what they’re doing, and how this book can help them.”

Florence’s career spans 28 years on Food Network, where he has built a reputation for his approachable style and passion for teaching.

“Not only am I a chef, a restaurateur, and a cookbook author, all that stuff is fun. But I think when the rubber meets the road, the traction is the communication, the teaching,” Florence said. “So that’s what I really like to do, is not only to be able to bring really kind of beautiful photography and great recipes, but also that nudge as if I’m your sous chef.”

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American Grill covers a wide range of recipes, from perfectly seared steaks to grilled vegetables and even desserts. Florence’s dedication to detail shines through in his explanations of grilling nuances, like the differences between rare and medium-rare steak and the science behind dry aging.

“This covers everything. Great chicken, great simple chicken recipes, pork chops, lamb chops, lots of grilled vegetables. We even grilled desserts,” Florence shared. “If you like smoked barbecue ribs, we have competition-level ribs in this book.”

Florence’s personal connection to the recipes in American Grill makes it a unique addition to any kitchen.

“This is a very personal book for me because this is how I like to cook at home,” he said. “I have eight grills in what I call my grill park. My wife wants me to get rid of some of them, but they all do something a little different, you know what I mean?”

Reflecting on his Southern upbringing, Florence emphasized the importance of barbecue in his culinary journey. ”

I grew up in the Carolinas, this is one of the five pillars of American barbecue,” he said. “It’s part of who I am, part of my DNA. You can take the boy out of the South, but you can’t take the South out of the boy.”

As summer approaches, Florence believes American Grill will be a go-to resource for outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

“This summer is the year live fire cooking goes mainstream,” he said. “American Grill is going to just crush. This is the book you’re going to be dying for, and you’re going to love it.”

For more information on Tyler Florence’s American Grill and to catch up on his latest culinary adventures, visit your local bookstore or check online retailers like Amazon and Williams-Sonoma. To stay up to date on what Tyler Florence is doing next, follow him on Facebook, Instagram and X.

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