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Celebrate National Wine Day with this wine cool down quick tip

The following sponsored content is provided by Ingles Markets.

Today is National Wine Day, a day to enjoy a glass of Chardonnay or Cabernet with your favorite meal or perhaps a Sauvignon or Syrah amid good conversation with family and friends.

Springtime weather coupled with the holiday weekend mean that those meals and conversations are likely to occur outdoors. So, how do you keep your wine chilled outside in warm temperatures without watering it down? Here’s a tip from Abby J of The Ingles Table:

To help you celebrate National Wine Day, here are some fun facts about this historic beverage:

•  The smell of an older wine is called a bouquet; the smell of a younger wine is the aroma
•  The states of California, Florida and New York lead the U.S in wine consumption
•  Wine has been produced in southwestern France since Roman times
•  Ice wine (known as Eiswein), made by frozen grapes, was invented by the Germans
•  More wine grapes are planted than any other crop in the world
•  Grapes for dark red wines grow in warmer climates, while white wine grapes grow in cooler ones

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