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Local businesses are hurting right now with dine-in closures, social distancing and lack of traffic due to COVID-19.

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Burgers & Bakery in Spartanburg needs to sell 40 burgers a day

Just come and get take out! We’re a three-week old restaurant and as such don’t have the reserves to survive this. We need to sell 40 burgers a day to keep the lights on and our three staff members employed.

We’re not just burgers, we’re also fine desserts, home baked buns, small batch soups and so on! Come see us at 8881 Warren H Abernathy Highway, Spartanburg, SC 29301, (864) 310-4495. Follow Burgers & Bakery on Facebook.

About Burgers & Bakery

Deana and Mike Okun, Spartanburg residents and first-time restaurateurs, have opened Burgers and Bakery. The concept marries the delicious burgers served on homebaked buns, and fabulous desserts inspired by Eastern Europe, Western Europe and of course the USA!

But it’s not just about burgers and sweets. Burgers and Bakery has handcrafted, small-batch soups, hand-cut fries, and other surprises. Executive Chef Deana Okun brings several years’ baking and cooking experience making everything from cheesecakes to fine European desserts, as well as many unique and delicious savory dishes. Deana ran a successful home-based bakery for years.

“We moved to Spartanburg 3.5 years ago to be closer to my aging parents. We never thought in a million years that we’d be opening a restaurant. We fell in love with Spartanburg, the true Southern hospitality that Spartanburg’s people give so willingly, and of course just the overall vibe. The growth we’ve seen has been nothing short of spectacular, we feel that now is the right time to give back to our friends and neighbors and what better way to do that than through the gift of food!” says Mike

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“We live and breathe customer service. One of my biggest peeves is when you are given poor service in a restaurant. I’m committed to making sure that every customer who comes through our door leaves happy! It’s not just about delicious food, but the overall customer experience!” says Deana

“We’re new to this, and I’m sure we’ll have some bumps and bruises along the way, but opening this restaurant really lets us put down roots in Spartanburg. This is where we want to raise our children!” says Mike

A Grand Opening date has not been set yet, but soon signs will go up at the location and we anticipate a soft opening in the coming weeks.

Mike and Deana Okun live on Spartanburg’s East Side with their two toddlers, Mikey and Danielle!

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