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Carolina Eats

From home cooking to farm-to-table cuisine, the Upstate is a place for foodies. You can enter your favorite recipes during our quarterly Carolina Eats Recipe Sweepstakes presented by Ingles. All submitted recipes will be published here for everyone to enjoy.

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BLC Madness Sandwich

This bacon, lettuce and cheese sandwich recipe was submitted by Joanne Midyette of Tryon, NC, in the Carolina Eats March Hoops Recipe Sweepstakes presented by Ingles.


8 pieces of sandwich bread
8 slices of cooked bacon
1 cup of your favorite pimento cheese
2 large leaves of lettuce
1 cup of Cheetos cheese puffs (crushed)
1/4 cup black olive paste


  • Cut bread circles from each slice of bread using a hard plastic container, turned upside down (or a large cookie cutter).
  • Spread half of the pimento cheese on 4 of the bread circles.
  • Place a generous amount of leaf lettuce on top of each sandwich (over the pimento cheese).
  • Cut the bacon slices in half and place 4 halves of bacon on each sandwich (crosswise)
  • Place the 4 remaining bread circles on top of the 4 sandwiches and spread the remaining pimento cheese on top of them.
  • Press the crushed Cheetos into the pimento cheese until totally covered.
  • Spoon black olive paste into a small zip-lock bag and push into one corner of the bag.
  • Snip the corner with scissors.
  • Squeeze the olive paste across the top of each sandwich in a basketball design.
  • Serve with your favorite chips and pickles.

Makes 4 servings.

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