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Alpacas are the feature at OnAgain OffAgain Farm in Spartanburg

Alpacas are the feature at OnAgain OffAgain Farm in Spartanburg
Alpacas are the feature at OnAgain OffAgain Farm in Spartanburg
Alpacas are the feature at OnAgain OffAgain Farm in Spartanburg

They’re appearing at birthday parties, wedding receptions, special events and on social media. They’re soft, docile, quiet and good neighbors, and 60 of them are nestled into a residential neighborhood in Spartanburg, SC.

Alpacas are the feature at OnAgain OffAgain Farm located smack dab in the middle of the Hillbrook Forest community. The six-acre farm owned by Juergen and Karen Kopp breeds these cute, fluffy animals that are raised specifically for their silky, soft and durable fiber.

Fairly new to the United States, alpacas come from South America and often are confused with llamas. Their fiber is hypoallergenic and warm, lending itself to a variety of uses from fine garments to rugs and even insulation.

“If you’ve never worn a pair of alpaca socks, they are wonderful year-round socks,” Karen said. “In the summertime, they wick the moisture away, so your feet stay dry and comfortable, and in the wintertime they’re very, very warm.”

In addition to their soft exteriors, alpacas are mild-mannered and low maintenance, according to the Kopps.

“Since alpacas are fiber animals, you don’t want to disturb their fiber during the year while it’s growing so there is no grooming involved.” They are fed twice a day, eating grain in the morning and hay in the evening.

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And when it’s time for shearing, the Kopps invite their neighbors and friends over to watch the process and even help.

“Unfortunately, these guys are non-volunteers in the shearing process,” Juergen explains. “It takes quite a bit to sheer them. It’s not like with a sheep where you just stand them up to shear them. You have to stretch these guys out on ground. Sometimes they get a little vocal and sometimes they spit a little out of frustration. But they come out looking like stick figures.”

OnAgain OffAgain Farm raises and sells breeding stock, as well as alpacas for fiber and pets, offering mentoring before, during and after an animal is purchased. Two alpacas from OnAGain OffAgain are now at the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia. The farm is open to the public and available for tours by appointment. There is no charge for a farm tour, but donations are accepted.

Want to visit?

What: OnAgain OffAgain Alpace Farm
Where: 262 Hollis Drive, Spartanburg, SC 29307
When: Farm tours available by appointment. Call 864-680-9854.

Visit OnAgain OffAgain Farm online.

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